Lang Cares and Lang Development Sponsor the 5th Annual SL24 Memorial Basketball Classic

February 10, 2023 (Wilmington, DE): Lang Development Group and Lang Cares were honored to sponsor the Fifth Annual SL24 Memorial Basketball Classic this past weekend at the Chase Fieldhouse. The event raised over $500,000 helping to provide resources for those struggling with depression, self-injury, and suicide. Lang Cares and Lang Development Group are so proud to support the SL24:UnLocke the Light Foundation and their great work in our local community.

Since 2019, the SL24 Memorial Basketball Classic has raised over $1,600,000 for the SL24: UnLocke the Light Foundation. Through these funds, the foundation has been able to reach thousands of high school and college students to spread mental health awareness and hope.

The SL24: UnLocke the Light Foundation was created in 2018 by the Locke family following the loss of their son Sean in his battle with depression.

The UNLOCKE THE LIGHT movement has three objectives:

  1. Educate high school and college students to the signs of depression, remove the stigma of depression, and make available resources to help people with depression and the real threat of suicide.
  2. Assist high school and college students with the transitions of life, helping them gain the tools to live life with mental illness and finding the tools to cope with the many challenges that life brings. 
  3. Create a safe haven where high school and college students receive professional help and speak to peers about their struggles with depression and the threat of suicide.

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